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EdTech Kenya


0 £ 0%
Capital invested
£ 1,350,000 Capital required
23.00 % Equity offered
£ 4,500,000 Pre-money Valuation
Improve 20MM lives by 2020 Targeted Social Impact


BrightPinnacle is a cloud-based platform that delivers curated content via a network of low energy hardware hubs to any type of phone, tablet or computer at high speeds via Bluetooth, WiFi or FM Radio. BrightPinnacle is designed to work without a reliable internet or electricity supply, bringing the online world to offline environments.

The technology has a wide range of potential use cases in Africa and any region with limited or non-existent internet connectivity. For businesses, BrightPinnacle provides access to inaccessible markets and significantly improves customer service. For educators, it enables quick and inexpensive distribution of content to teachers and pupils. For healthcare providers, it allows local, trusted healthcare information to be accessed via mobile at the point of need. For content consumers, it allows fast and cheap access to information that may otherwise be expensive or unreliable to download via an internet data connection.

The founders and management team have significant experience scaling venture capital-backed start-ups in emerging markets as well as decades of corporate experience at blue chip multinationals and consultancies.

BrightPinnacle Highlights:

  • Vast array of potential use cases
    • Examples: e-learning solutions, agricultural info services, governmental and public services, local business services
  • Large addressable market
    • 4 billion people worldwide excluded from the internet, primarily due to lack of infrastructure (no mobile internet coverage or network access) or unaffordability (low incomes and prohibitive data and device costs)
  • Recognition for a proven technology
    • Successful pilot projects in education in South Africa and Tanzania (improving reading skills), for a health clinic and community centre in South Africa and for professional training in Kenya (with a large multinational)
    • Received £0.5m grant from the UK Government
  • Strong and credible customer pipeline
    • Long list of engaged potential customers, including two of the largest emerging markets banks, some of Southern Africa’s largest foundations and multinational corporates in the healthcare and technology spaces
    • Pending partnership agreement with global consultancy to design and implement a customer project


Chairman: Sean Boustred

  • Formerly COO of Storehouse plc a FTSE 250 company
  • Founded and sold Build-A-Bear Workshop and worked with several social impact start-up businesses

CEO: Paul Dubois

  • Former partner with PWC, has co-founded a number of start-ups including VC backed businesses

Adjunct Professor: Myles Simcus

  • Founder of BrightPinnacle and Director of Business Development
  • Experienced entrepreneur with excellent business development skills who has worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lead Technologist: Dr Timothy Anfield

  • Award winning PhD graduate from the University of Southampton
  • Expert in computer clusters and automated code generation

Investment Terms

Social Impact

This investment will contribute to UN SDG 10 (“Reduce inequality within and among countries”) and others, depending on the use case.

For most people in the developing world, computers are unaffordable and impractical, so the digital device of choice is the mobile phone. The owners of these devices desire digital content, yet fewer than 23% of users in Africa own a smartphone with Wi-Fi technology. The vast majority has basic feature phones – without easy access to online data services – and the dominance of such simple phones is set to continue.

BrightPinnacle offers a solution which provides offline access to digital content to users with the most basic feature phone. Through helping businesses, governments and organisations communicate with and support customers and stakeholders in offline locations, BrightPinnacle is facilitating progress in education, healthcare and broad economic growth.

Our Take

In the due diligence room, you have access to a range of documents, including the business plan with the following sections: