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Audaces is a private community of accredited investors, focused on investing in social business opportunities worldwide.
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Audaces Impact Club

A platform offering easy access to impact investing.

1,500,024 € 30%
Capital invested
€ 5,000,000 Capital required
25.00 % Equity offered
€ 11,250,000 Pre-money Valuation
10 million people Targeted Social Impact

Audaces Impact Club

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled, honored and proud to be presenting a new exciting investment opportunity in Audaces Impact through our own Series-A round.

Audaces Impact aims to be the first European investment platform that allows both institutional and retail investors to make direct investments in innovative social businesses. Our experienced team and our user friendly platform makes, for the first time in Europe, impact investing accessible not only to large institutional investors but also to retail investors, the crowd.

Audaces Impact is an innovative hybrid model for impact investing. It sources and validates investment opportunities in breakthrough social enterprises and invests through the Audaces Impact Fund, opening up  for syndication to a community of accredited investors on the Audaces Co-investment Platform.

Investors now have the opportunity to directly co-invest in social businesses -with the comfort of knowing that deal sourcing, due diligence, legal work, portoflio management and eventual divestment is all overseen by a focused venture fund team – whilst maintaining the flexibility to pick and choose those investments that interest them.

Careful social impact measurement, close mentoring and a hands-on involvement within portfolio companies – from investment through to exit – ensure a well-informed path to successful impact investing.

We are currently raising a total of EUR15 million (comprised of EUR5mm for the Club and EUR10mm for the Fund) on a pre-money valuation of the Club of EUR15 million. This Series A round is reserved to an inner circle of investors by invitation only.

We hope you join us on our journey to do good and do well.

Best wishes,


This is our own crowdfunding! So please see the Our Team page in the About Us section.

Investment Terms

Social Impact

Our first impact fund, Audaces Impact Fund I, aims to positively effect 10 million lives in 10 years through the social enterprise companies in which the Fund will invest.

The Club aims to democratise impact investing by providing a platform on which mission-driven investors can access investment opportunities normally exclusive to institutional investors. We aim to create a community of thousands of mission-driven investors worldwide.

Our Take

Please read our website’s Audaces Impact Club pages for further detail on this investment proposition. In the due diligence room, you have access to a range of documents, including the investment memorandum with the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  1. I Audaces Impact Club
    • Crowdfunding: Disrupting a $1.2 Trillion Addressable Opportunity
    • Crowdfunding Platforms have Attracted Substantial Institutional Capital
    • A Quick Overview on Audaces Impact Club
    • Impact Funds vs Angel Impact Investing vs Audaces Solution
    • Revenue Model and Benchmark Analysis
    • Investor Conversion Cycle
    • Club Deal Launch Process
    • Additional Investment Product: Portfolio Reserve
    • Partnerships Development
    • Dealflow Partners: VCs, Investment Clubs, Angels, Family Offices & Professionals Bodies
    • Scaling an Impact Investing Platform
    • Competitive Landscape: Audaces Compared with Mainstream Equity Platforms
    • com: Case Study of a Successful Equity-Crowdfunding Business
    • Competitive Landscape: An Overview of Other “Mission-Driven” Platforms
    • Proposed Execution Timeline
  1. II The African Growth Opportunity
    • An Appealing Market
    • The Urbanisation and Emerging Consumer Opportunity in SSA
    • The Leapfrogging Opportunity
    • Audaces Investment Style: Frontier Capital – Mixed Income Opportunities
  1. III Audaces Africa Impact Fund I
    • A Quick Overview on the Fund
    • Theme-Based Investment Style
    • Investment Criteria
    • Investment Process Overview
    • Focus on Deal Making
    • Portfolio Management Considerations Portfolio Management Considerations -Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”)
    • Audaces has committed to applying rigorous ESG standards to reach selected SDGs
    • Exit Considerations
    • Risks and Mitigants
    • Reporting, Valuation and Anticipated Timeline
    • Fee Structure
    • Illustrative Pipeline
    • Illustrative Pipeline from Audaces Networks
    • Ecosystem Players: An Overview of the Impact Investing Market Players Active in SSA
  1. IV Organisation, Team and Governance
    • Corporate Structure
    • Flow of Funds
    • The Audaces Ecosystem: A Holistic Approach to Impact Investing
    • Audaces Foundation in a Nutshell
    • Impact Catalyst Program
    • Organisational Structure
    • Jussi Savukoski –Curriculum Vitae
    • Jussi Savukoski – Recent Private Equity Experience
    • Jussi Savukoski – Recent Impact Investing Experience With the Public Sector
    • Luís Folhadela – Curriculum Vitae
    • Luís Folhadela – Recent Private Equity Experience
    • Edward Kreiman –Curriculum Vitae
    • Case Study: A Corporate Finance Mandate that Turned Into an Investment Opportunity
    • Investment Committee
    • Advisory Committee
  1. V Financial Addendum
    • Audaces – Pro-forma Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Audaces – A Brief Overview on the Combined Business Revenue Structure
    • Audaces Impact Funds – Key Assumptions for African Impact Fund I and Future Fund Vintages
    • Audaces Impact Funds – Fund Vintages Investments and Total Assets Under Management
    • Audaces Impact Club – Audaces Co-Investment Platform – Key Assumptions
    • Audaces Impact Club – Platform Revenue Split
    • Audaces Impact Club – Platform Key Performance Metrics: Total AUM and Funds Annual Investments
    • A Brief Overview on Overall Personnel Expenses and Headcount
    • Operational Expenses – Structure
    • Key Outputs on Fund I and AIC
    • The Proposed Investment – Estimated Use of Proceeds for the €15m Commitments From Investors
    • Audaces Impact Club – Valuation
    • Audaces LPs Expected IRRs on Series-A Round
    • Sensitivity Analysis on LPs IRRs for Series-A Round
    • Sensitivity Analysis on Operational Break-Even
  1. Risks and Restrictions
    • Risk Considerations
    • Restrictions on Sales

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