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Audaces is a private community of accredited investors, focused on investing in social business opportunities worldwide.
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We must seed a new way to think, before we can master a new way to invest.

The Audaces Foundation was founded in Brussels in 2012 by a group of nextgen leaders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, as an independent non-profit organization, with the aim to raise awareness on impact investing.
Through the foundation we create networking opportunities, we connect our members, and we employ member’s and partner’s social capital to perform and innovate.
At Audaces Foundation we strongly believe that a solid impact investing ecosystem will be achieved only through collaborative and systemic actions and with a consistent knowledge and professional base.

The Foundation runs the Audaces Academy, a knowledge platform to share experience and expertise, ideas, resources and best practice. It engages with pioneer investors, leaders, social entrepreneurs, as well as passionate philanthropists and family offices with the common ambition to move the impact investing market towards maturity and global scale.

The Academy main objectives

Education and knowledge transfer

To forge a new generation of impact investors and provide them with the skills required to make a difference through impact investing.


With some of the most authoritative business schools in Europe and multinational corporations to undertake research on the current European impact investing space


To foundations, corporations, families and other investors on their strategies for impact investing, corporate philanthropy and corporate responsibility

Our partners:

The Audaces Academy Program

Audacity: Talks for Social Change

A year-round road show for an international network of like-minded individuals, to promote Audaces vision on social entrepreneurship, to be held in some of the main European financial centers.
Through Audacity we:
• Connect our network of nextgen leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, scholars and policy-makers;
• Engage with the different actors of the Audaces platform in order to catalyse further social innovation;

Talks on Impact Investing

Training and capacity building seminars which provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the broad definition of Impact Investing, illustrated with the use of various industry related case studies. For leaders in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, wanting to understand how to access the capital available for investment opportunities.

Audaces Impact Lab

Think-tank workshops to facilitate discussions about the current state and future of the impact investing market by bringing different players together and fostering dialogue on the potential of impact investing.

for Social Change

Designed to gather our members and like-minded philanthropists or entrepreneurs with the aim to establish a sense of community and belonging and to discuss common perspectives. Hosted in stunning countryside mansions all around Europe, our weekends envisage to share experiences while enjoying beautiful landscapes.

Annual Summit

This is the Audaces flagship event, aiming to provide the latest knowledge exchange and company showcases. It involves Europe’s most authoritative, influential philanthropists and preeminent business leaders.