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Audaces Research

European Landmark Research Project: The Scope for Co-Investments for Social Impact


The Audaces Foundation has partnered with Cambridge University, UCL, INSEAD, Bocconi and the London School of Economics to research and outline the current European impact investment market.

With this research, Audaces aims to analyse the ecosystem architecture, map relevant stakeholders and understand the key trends, barriers to entry and future outlooks that affect co-investments for impact.

For this purpose, we are conducting this survey on current and potential impact investors, including family offices, foundations, high net worth individuals and impact funds with offices in the EU-17 zone.

Insights from the study will drive further the development of our innovative hybrid model for impact investing by Audaces Impact, our investment arm.

As a gesture of acknowledgement and gratitude we will offer all respondents a hard copy of the final report and a free membership as accredited investors to Audaces Co-investment Platform, which will be launched in November 2015.

Respondents will also be invited to the official launch and first annual conference of Audaces at the European Parliament in Brussels in Q3-2016.

Partners of the research