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EdTech Zambia

iSchool Africa - Funded

iSchool Africa is transforming both learning and teaching in Africa through an interactive tablet-based e-learning system.

460,000 $ 100%
Capital invested
$ 460,000 Capital required
6.00 % Interest rate
12 months Term
+15,000 pupils Targeted Social Impact
EdTech Kenya


0 £ 0%
Capital invested
£ 1,350,000 Capital required
23.00 % Equity offered
£ 4,500,000 Pre-money Valuation
Improve 20MM lives by 2020 Targeted Social Impact
FinTech Nigeria


1,500,000 $ 50%
Capital invested
$ 3,000,000 Capital required
23.00 % Equity offered
$ 10,000,000 Pre-money Valuation
Data on 30,000 companies Targeted Social Impact
FinTech United Kingdom

Audaces Impact Club

A platform offering easy access to impact investing.

1,500,024 € 30%
Capital invested
€ 5,000,000 Capital required
25.00 % Equity offered
€ 11,250,000 Pre-money Valuation
10 million people Targeted Social Impact