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EdTech Zambia

iSchool Africa - Funded

iSchool Africa is transforming both learning and teaching in Africa through an interactive tablet-based e-learning system.

460,000 $ 100%
Capital invested
$ 460,000 Capital required
6.00 % Interest rate
12 months Term
+15,000 pupils Targeted Social Impact

Audaces Academy

The Audaces Impact platform enables our family office to finally co-invest alongside experienced impact investors in inspiring social enterprises that meet our investment criteria.

Hugo McDonaugh Impact Investor McDonaugh Family Office

Audaces strongly believes the next generations must play a crucial role to harnessing the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and private capital for public good.

Ambassador Mekouar Chairman, Audaces Advisory Committee, Former Chairman United Nations FAO

Through Audaces we have been able to secure funding, network and expertise to develop innovative ways to improve iSchool Africa. With this microcredit facility over 50,000 children in Zambia will benefit from using our content and will take another step on the road out of poverty.

Justin Reilly Chief Executive Officer at iSchool Africa
Audaces Portfolio Company

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The Impact Toolkit consolidates leading impact measurement and management (IMM) resources into one searchable datab… https://t.co/dChna7qTvt

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